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The RETRO PUMP System is an innovative approach to heating your water.

Unlike the conventional heat pump, the Water Heating System works on a patented design which heats your water directly in the geyser. This design also allows for greater energy saving, thereby reducing the cost of your energy bill.


• Solar Compatible
• Generator Compatible
• Energy Efficient
• Quicker Heating Time
• Lower monthly running costs
• Conversion of existing geyser
• Maintenance Free


• Larger Tank Options Available (150l and up)
• Lower Initial Layout Cost
• Versatile Installation Applications
• Cosmetically Pleasing
• Eco Friendly
• Generates Cold Drinking Water as a by-product

How does the Water Heating System work?

The Water Heating System works by means of substituting the electrical element from a geyser and replacing it with our patented system, allowing us to utilize the maximum efficacy of the condenser/outdoor unit. Water is heated within the tank where it is stored.

What makes the Water Heating System unique?

• Patented system design
• No water pumps
• No exposed water pipes
• Reduced running costs
• Increased efficiency
• Ability to utilize existing geysers
• No water strainers
• Competitively priced
• Simple reliable design
• Greater efficiency than other conventional heat pumps

What is the average running consumption of the Water Heating System?

Average consumption of the Water Heating System for a 150l geyser is 3,18 Amps. Average consumption of a typical domestic heat pump for the same capacity is 4.8 Amps.

What size Geyser or Tank does the Water Heating System use?

Currently on offer is a Water Heating System for 100-300lt geysers. However given the versatility of the product, we are able to size our units according to client specifications. In addition to this, we also offer commercial units with the ability to heat water with greater efficiency.

What kind of warranty is supplied with the Water Heating System?

A comprehensive 3 year warranty is supplied with the Water Heating System, however the geysers or tanks supplied by the client for the retro fitted unit are exempt from this warranty. Warranties on all units are subject to regular service intervals.

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