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Heat Pump Quick Facts

A heat pump works on the same principle as an air-conditioner but in reverse. Heat from the air sucked in from outside is absorbed by an eco-friendly refrigerant gas in an evaporator – the gas is compressed (put under increased pressure) which causes its temperature to rise.

  • Highly efficient alternative to an electrical element geyser

  • Produces hot water 100% of the time regardless of the weather

  • Electricity is used to only drive the compressor and fans and not for generating heat

  • You can recoup your investment in a heat pump which will vary between 2 and 4 years

  • Environmentally friendly; heat pumps derive energy from the air, which is unlimited and maintained in its ambient temperature range by the sun

The Retro Pump Facts

The RetroPump is an innovative approach to heating your water. Unlike the conventional heat pump, the RetroPump works on a patented design which heats your water directly in the geyser. This design also allows for greater energy saving thereby reducing the cost of your energy bill.

  • Quick Installation

  • Requires no circulating water pump

  • No water strainer

  • No energy loss from circulating water

  • Uses simplistic design with the use of thermosyphon technology within the geyser

  • Lower running amps per hour

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Competitively priced

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