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Cleaning Tips

Helpful and creative ways to keep your home clean and healthy.


Traditional dusting: Ineffective and harmful. 
Dusting your home the old fashioned way with rags and scented sprays is ineffective and can be harmful. That's because dust is recirculated, and chemicals are introduced into the living environment which can be extremely hazardous to allergy and asthma sufferers. BEAM Central Vacuum System dusting attachments allow you to put more power into dusting. A BEAM system removes 100% of contacted dust, mites, dander, pollen and other allergens and carries them away from the living environment to a canister usually located in the garage or basement. Regular deep cleaning with a BEAM system means you'll breathe easier and dust less often.

Carpet and upholstery: Can you live with it? 
Some allergy and asthma sufferers can tolerate carpet, draperies, blinds and upholstery, others cannot. Whether you should remove these items from your home should be determined by your physician. Only 20% of the patients who are advised to remove their carpet actually do. With a BEAM Central Vacuum System these changes may not be necessary. Consult your physician.


Creative Uses and Everyday Tips for Your Vacuum Cleaner


  • Vacuum the furnace vent once a month to remove dust and dirt build-up and improve efficiency.

  • Remove crumbs nestled between appliances with a vacuum’s crevice tool.

  • Remove couch cushions and use vacuum attachments to collect the dust, dirt and debris that fell through the cracks.

  • Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures at least once a month with an extendable duster or use your vacuum’s wand and dusting brush attachment.

  • Dust books on the bookshelf once a month with the vacuum brush attachment on your vacuum.

  • Vacuum smoke detectors with the vacuum brush attachment twice a year when you change the batteries.


Tips for Pet Owners and Allergy Sufferers


  • Keep lint rollers and hand vacuums stored discreetly near your pet’s favorite hangouts for an easy and quick pick-up at any time.

  • Keep pet-friendly homes clean with the Pet Power Paw vacuum tool, which grabs pet hair from upholstery, curtains and shades without harming delicate surfaces.

  • To help keep pollen and dust out of your home, clean the inside ledges of open windows and caulk and seal around windows.

  • To keep allergies under control, use a vacuum with a HEPA filter that will capture 99.97 percent of dust and allergens.

  • Keep counters free of clutter and unnecessary items that provide additional areas for dust and allergens to hide.


Tricks for Removing Stains and Spills


  • Dab an ice cube on chewing gum to remove it from the carpet and let it sit for about a minute. The gum will become hard and stiff, enabling you to pull it off easily.

  • To remove coffee and tea stains from the kitchen sink, use baking soda. Just be sure to rinse well and dry.

  • Solve the crisis of a wax-stained carpet by scraping off cooled wax with a dull knife, then placing a couple of paper towels on the remaining wax and running a warm iron over the area.

  • Remove grease stains by covering the entire spot with liquid dish detergent. Gently work detergent into the grease to dissolve it, and rinse the area with white vinegar to remove excess detergent.

  • Use salt on red wine or coffee spills to soak up the stain and keep it from setting. Excess salt can easily be vacuumed or wiped up.


General Cleaning advice


  • For easy cleaning of grout, use a combination of water and dish detergent and scrub with a soft car wash brush.

  • Clean chrome sink fixtures by putting a thin layer of toothpaste over the faucet then wiping it with a wet sponge.

  • Help loosen stubborn debris in your microwave by microwaving a cup of water for three minutes before scrubbing the inside.

  • To avoid creating streaks on windows, don’t wash them when the sun is shining directly on the glass, as this will cause cleaning solution to dry too quickly.

  • Microwave your sponge several times a week to kill any germs or bacteria.













































Pet Dander can be hazardous too. 
Dirt, dander and animal hair can be key sources of irritation for allergy and asthma sufferers. Many physicians recommend removing pets from the home, however only a small percentage of those advised to get rid of their pets actually do. If your physician has determined that you can tolerate pets, a BEAM Central Vacuum System can help improve your indoor environment. Up to five times more powerful than upright vacuums, a BEAM system completely removes contacted dirt, dust and allergens from living areas. BEAM Pet Grooming tools remove pet hair and dander as you groom/comb small or large pets.

Refrigerators: Not cool for allergy sufferers. 
A refrigerator acts like a powerful magnet attracting dust and allergens, which become trapped beneath and behind the unit. When the motor cycles on and off, the dirt becomes airborne creating a key source of irritation for allergy and asthma sufferers. Until now removing dust has been difficult because the refrigerator had to be moved. Now with the BEAM 90cm Crevice Tool it is easy to clean beneath and behind refrigerators and other hard-to-move appliances and furniture. This narrow attachment slips beneath and behind the unit to remove trapped dust, dirt and allergens quickly and easily.


Innovative cleaning accessories


VacPan: Sweep dirt away! 

The VacPan is a must have in any home. No more stooping to use a dustpan in kitchen, mudroom or foyer. Just sweep debris into the inlet mouth, touch the toe switch and dirt is whisked away. Contemporary styling leaves no gaps when not in use. Professional installation required.

Car Care Kit
When you use the BEAM Car Care Kit you lift dust, dirt and debris from carpet, hard surfaces, and upholstery making it a great tool to clean your car or truck. Versatile attachments including an upholstery nozzle, round dusting brush, crevice tool, and a compact 8' hose stretches to 32' with 360° full-swivel handle to eliminate kinking, make cleaning even remote corners easy.

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